Sara Rauch is an author, editor, and writing instructor based in Massachusetts. 

Sara’s debut short story collection, What Shines from It, won the Electric Book Award and was published by Alternating Current Press in 2020.

XO, her second book, an autobiographical essay that looks through the lens of an extramarital love affair to investigate mythologies of romantic love, connections to the divine, & the death/rebirth cycle, was published by Autofocus in 2022.

Her prose has appeared in several anthologies and literary magazines, including Revolute, Paranoid Tree, Paper Darts, Split Lip, Meetinghouse, So to Speak, and Hobart. Her poetry has been published in Claw & Blossom, upstreet, Inkwell, and more.

Sara once vowed to read every fiction title in her hometown library, but has since settled for writing book reviews and author profiles for outlets such as the Los Angeles Review of Books, NewCity Lit, Lambda Literary Review, Bustle, Bitch Media, WBUR, Curve Magazine, The Rumpus, The Establishment, and others. She is a guest host on The Lives of Writers.

Sara worked as an independent editor for almost twenty years. In 2012, she founded the literary magazine Cactus Heart, which she ran until 2016. She is now the Poetry Program Coordinator at The Care Center, and she leads writing workshops for several local organizations.

Though she doesn’t use social media, you can find more information about Sara’s writing, reading, and publications at the following places:

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